About Matthew Studios
About Katherine Wildt O'Brien

How did you get into lighting?
Naturally...When I was little, my mother was always coming home with different light fixtures and lamp shades. She would change them out around the house, like most women would change their earrings. I was always amazed, how that could transform a room. I was also transfixed by dimmers! I always thought they had magical powers…still do.

Have you always been interested in crystals?
When I was a teenager I worked at a Gem-Stone Shop owned by an eccentric West Indian grandmother. She never wore shoes, and wore a hundred beaded necklaces all at once. I thought she was so chic! She taught me a lot about gemstones, and the mystical properties they possess. Today, I always carry a gem-stone in my purse for luck!

What is your outlook on home décor/personal style?
Individuality. I adore a home that showcases unique elements of a person’s interest’s or personality. I love to mix flea-market vintage with modern. The combo keeps a room fresh and energized. Bringing in natural elements, like white hydrangeas, chunks of rock crystal and candles make my home feel cozy.

My grandmother always believed in a “touch of whimsy” as she called it. My collection of cast iron and silver rabbit’s keep my art deco cabinet from taking it self too seriously..

What’s your favorite home item?
An alabaster Buddha my father and mother gave me on my 16th birthday.


More About Katherine

Katherine Wildt O’Brien is the founder of Matthew Studios and President of Matthew Studios Inc. Katherine began her career at a boutique interior design firm on Madison Avenue, and worked with a celebrity roster of clients. Here she developed a keen understanding of integrating fine art, custom furniture and lighting on large scale interior projects.

She then went on to work for one of the premiere Knoll furniture dealer’s in New York until being recruited into lighting by LucePlan NY, and Kartell USA where she worked in sales for several years.
Later she signed on with Baldinger to globally oversee sales and marketing. Here she assisted with the production and launch of the collections of esteemed designers Michael Graves, Finlandia Collection (Alvar Aalto)and Andre Putman among others. The experience was invaluable, and equipped her with hands on knowledge of lighting design, production and custom fabrication. At this time, she was also introduced to a bevy of local skilled hand-painters, sculptors, glass makers, and metal fabricators. After Baldinger, Katherine helped to establish Oxygen Lighting, where she was instrumental in developing the collection’s design point of view and sales direction.

Katherine graduated with honors from New York University and studied painting at The School of Visual Arts. Katherine is a member of the IES, Designer’s Lighting Forum and NEWH.


About The Company

Matthew Studios was established in 2008, in an effort to blend Katherine’s extensive knowledge of product design with her interest in natural materials and love of light.

Katherine works with a team of skilled local artists to create luminaries that are made by hand with a focus on flawless detail.

The Matthew Studios collection is elegantly inspired by nature and incorporates material that deeply resonate for her such as rough quartz crystal, semi-precious gems, exotic skins and lucite. The collection is also profoundly influenced by Katherine’s passion for travel, jewelry, painting and flea market vintage.

The refined collection epitomizes sophisticated chic and all products are U.L. listed and made in the U.S.A.

Matthew Studios is also available to assist with a wide-range of custom lighting and accessories.